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200L of Premium Filling

As a thank you gift to all who support Australian Made beanbags, we are offering the premium bean at a discount.

These higher density micro EPS beans greatly reduce noise & don't bulge downwards under weight or pressure creating whisper quiet beans that move to your bodies curves and hugs you.

Smaller beans, means you won't need to refill your beanbag as often but it requires a lot more beans to fill a beanbag.

Pickup of your filled iSEAT® beanbag is available from The Gap or Ennogera otherwise please Call 0404 007 404 to arrange delivery for an extra cost to be discussed depending on location.



FILL My iSEAT® Beanbag with Micro Beans

AU$66.00 Regular Price
AU$44.00Sale Price
  • Pickup From The Gap is also available
    - Bulk orders delivery available at extra cost

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