The Beanbag Chair requires 300L of filling

We are one of 3 companies that sell Australia's best bean bag filling, The Micro Virgin Bean is 25% smaller than the conventional filling as you can see in the image attached with the hand. The third image is the larger bean found at your local retail outlets.

These higher density micro EPS beans greatly reduce noise & don't bulge downwards under weight or pressure creating a whisper quiet beans that move to your bodies curves and hugs you.

RRP is $35 for 80L-100L but for all Beanbags Brisbane Customer's we are offering it at $27.50 per 100L. CHEAPEST IN BRISBANE - For $20 extra we will fill it for you.

You are welcome to pickup your beanbag with filling from The Gap or a prearrange spot in New Farm or New Stead - Delivery of filled beanbags can be arranged for an extra fee depending of your location.

Once order has come through we will call you and ask if you'd like it to be filled & delivered.

Premium micro bean filling here - 400L - SALE

AU$138.00 Regular Price
AU$119.00Sale Price