Thanks for supporting us and buying Australian Made Beanbag.

As a thank you we are offering a free beanbag filling service when purchase our Premium Filling not available at Shopping Centres. WHY? Because we want you to enjoy the best of the best and promote our beanbags.

The Micro filling is 4 times smaller than conventional filling as you can see in the image with the hand and two types of fillings.

This is because the Micro Beanbag Filling hasn't gone through as much steaming, the smaller bean moves around the beanbag more easily and doesn't go flat as quickly as the conventional beans that are usually steamed 3-4 times.  The more a bean is steams, the bigger it is as a result more air, thus going flatter quicker.

Once beanbag is filled, all you have to do is come and pick it up from The Gap or we can deliver for an extra charge - sms your location to 0404 007 404 and we'll confirm price.

Otherwise if your after conventional filling you can buy 100L x 2 from Kmart, Target or Big W for $26 approx (2 x $13 bags).

Prices Include GST.


AU$77.00 Regular Price
AU$44.00Sale Price