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iSEAT® Queenland Custom Made Marine Grade Vinyl Beanbags

iSEAT® Queenland Custom Made Marine Grade Vinyl Beanbags

Offering bulk buyers a very competitive priced beanbag without compromise on quality & durability
- ideal for indoor or outdoor Classrooms, Libraries,  Corporate Chill Zones or After School Care Centres.

1.   Beanbag is firstly stitched      
      internally together and starts
      taking shape.

2. Beanbag's seams are reinforced     with Elastic Threading (sewn on)

3. Outside of beanbags are Double top stitched in your colour choice (stylish finish)

4. Beanbag is filled with our mixed
    premium filling - ultra comfort,
    style & durability

ilEarn, iPLAY, isit ON AN ISEAT®

Triple Stitched - Nilon Threading - UV Stabilised - Mould Inhibited

Innova Pacifica Standard Range

We are excited about the new brilliant colour palette of 42 shades from Innova's Pacifica Standard Range.

The finish is a subtle leather grain effect and fabric specifications surpass industry expectations;  

  • for longevity

  • UV stability

  • fire retardancy

  • stain resistance

  • anti-mould

  • mildew protection

Click HERE to download pdf for further details

Innova Pacifica Weave & Hide Finish

CLICK HERE to download pdf

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