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Beanbag Filling EPS Polystyrene Beans On Sale - LOCAL PICKUP ONLY

There are two types of beanbags filling on the market;


  • the conventional beans that are found at KMart,
    Spotlight or Big W ideal for pool beanbags

  • or the bean that leading beanbag retailers like myself use & sell. Whether it's called Virgin Bean, Whisper Quiet, Premium Ultra Bead® or Micro Bean it's all the same

The advantage of this Micro Bean is it's denser cause its not steamed as much as the conventional bead, thus it doesn't go flat as quickly.



We recommend you fill outdoor beanbags with with the Virgin Micro Bean shown above which is the Premium Beanbag Filling used by those in the Trade, 75% smaller than conventional beans bought at conventional outlets.  This bean is heavier, keeping your beanbag on the ground versus the wind picking it up.

The bean hasn't been steamed as much thus retains its shape longer but you will need 2/3 more filing thus the extra cost. In each bag, there is just over 200L of filling required to fill a typical beanbag.

Click on the image to place your order.


Orders over $250 get free delivery to Brisbane CBD and 1/2 price Delivery to Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast.

Pickup is from Enoggera or The Gap Queensland Only.  


Sorry, we do not post this item.


At Beanbags Hire & Sales we offer the cheapest premium filling @ $55.00 for 200L bag (pickup only The Gap, Qld
(CHEAPEST IN QUEENSLAND)  For Bulk Orders within a 200km radius from Brisbane, please fill in our Contact Form.

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